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Administrative Team

Front Row (left to right): Sabrina Barnett (7th Grade Counselor, Lead Counselor) and Sherri Jacob (6th Grade Counselor)
Middle Row (left to right): Brent Watson (Behavior Interventionist), Angie Yurch (Achievement Specialist), Debbie Dinderman (8th Grade Counselor), Trenise Burke-Brown (DI Helping Teacher) and Owen Brown (Achievement Specialist)
Back Row (left to right): Plas Williams, Jr. (Director of Instruction), Michael Zimmerman (6th Grade Assistant Principal), Laura Perry (Principal), Jose Lopez (8th Grade Assistant Principal) and Kathleen Brown (7th Grade Assistant Principal)
Principal Dr. Laura Perry
Assistant Principal Michael Zimmerman - 6th Grade
Assistant Principal Kathleen Brown - 7th Grade
Assistant Principal Jose Lopez - 8th Grade
Counselor Sherri Jacob - 6th Grade
Counselor Sabrina Barnett - 7th Grade
Counselor Debbie Dinderman - 8th Grade
Director of Instruction Dr. Plas Williams, Jr
DI Helping Teacher Trenise Burke-Brown
Librarian Abbie Lester
Nurse Olivia Labruno
Behavior Interventionist Brent Watson
Instructional Specialist Angelia Yurch
Instructional Specialist Owen Brown



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