Online Guidelines and Expectations

Campbell Middle School Online Guidelines and Expectations:

• At the beginning of each class period, students are expected to log into Schoology and connect to their Zoom meeting at the beginning of each class period.

• Students are expected to complete the Daily Student Engagement to be counted present in each class.

• Teachers will hold live instruction of the lesson for the first 15-20 minutes of each period. They may stay on or allow students to work independently. Students can send questions through Schoology.

• Parents are to refrain from interrupting or asking questions in the class Zoom. Sending an email or calling with questions is appropriate.

• If you are having technical difficulties or login issues, please contact our Media Specialist, Mr. Sveter at 281-897-4313.

Campbell Middle School Testing Guidelines:

Maintaining the security and fidelity of assessments is critical for ensuring valid test scores and providing equal testing opportunities for all students. Teachers will facilitate and support testing through utilizing one or more of the following:

• Active monitoring of the live Zoom sessions to proctor and monitor students while they test, including recording the Zoom session for review

• Setting limited online test access to a specific scheduled time

• Random questions/answer feature for Schoology assessments

• Questions requiring application of content knowledge

• Honor statements

• Disciplinary action

Student Testing Expectations:

• Students will be expected to test during scheduled classroom time.

• If a student is unable to make the testing time or requires extra time, they will test during the next available tutorial session.

Academic dishonesty may result in disciplinary action, a zero on assignment.

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