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As we approach the close of the first marking period, we continue to evaluate our Lead Safely Plan to identify areas needing modification and adjustment.  We feel it is essential to continue to provide parents with the choice of on-campus or remote (CFISD Connect) learning for their children at the end of each grading period.  This choice for parents, however, does not come without challenges for our campuses.  We have determined that one area in need of immediate attention is additional planning and preparation time for our classroom teachers.  CFISD teachers are committed to providing quality instruction for their students and are working harder than ever to teach students both in-person and remotely. 

To address the need for additional planning time for teachers, we have identified the following dates as remote learning days from home for all students: 

November 3, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 12, April 12, May 17

(See revised 2020-2021 CFISD Instructional Calendar)

Remote Learning Days Plan:

On-Campus Learning students (who will be learning from home on these days) will:

  • Receive paper packets and assignments to be completed and turned in.
  • Not need devices (Chromebooks, laptops, internet) in order to complete the assignments.
  • Have attendance taken by showing evidence of completing assignments.

CFISD Connect students (who will remain at home) will:

  • Learn through pre-recorded lessons and posted assignments.
  • Not have check-ins by their teachers or participate in live instruction.
  • Have attendance taken by showing evidence of completing assignments and/or logging into Schoology.

Parents, thank you for your support this year and the grace you have afforded our campus principals, administration, and especially our teachers, who have learned an entirely new mode of instruction. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to make changes that we believe will have a positive impact on both our students and staff.

Please contact your campus directly if there is a need to request on-campus learning at school for a student in pre-K through 8th grade on these designated remote learning days from home.

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